20//08//08 We only sell the OP-COM diagnostic package in either English, or Hungarian language. //more

19//08//08 If you would like to buy the OP-COM diagnostic package in a different language, please contact the appropriate distributor! . //more

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 Welcome to the homepage of the OP-COM Diagnostic tool 
Here you can find useful information about the OP-COM professional PC based diagnostic program in general. 

OP-COM is a Windows based diagnostic program package for Opel / Vauxhall cars.There are 3 different OP-COM versions available: 

There are five different basic versions:
The OP-COM Basic version is for the Enthusiast, DIY people. //more

 Basic-D (light commercial vehicles, Vans, SUVs)
 OP-COM Professional //more

Ross-Tech VCDS
In accordance with Ross-Tech's business policy, the upgrade is free for 1 year. //more

OP-COM is a Windows
You can order the OP-COM diagnostic kit directly from us.