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 Welcome to the homepage of the OP-COM Diagnostic tool. Here you can find useful information about the OP-COM professional PC based diagnostic program in general. In accordance with Ross-Tech's business policy, the upgrade is free for 1 year

You can order the OP-COM diagnostic kit directly from us. We only sell the OP-COM diagnostic package in either English, or Hungarian language.


1039. Bercsenyi Street ,BUDAPEST

Free Phone:
E-mail: :
+36   30-670-1042
 +36 1 250-50-34

BELGIUM Ceduco BVBA Klijtberg 2E 8570.Anzegem 0476429942

There are five different basic versions: The OP-COM Basic version is for the Enthusiast, DIY people. //more

UCZECH REPUBLIC AutoComSoft s.r.o. Jan Svoboda U Kolejí 16/51 Praha  Czech Republic

CROATIA Benc Elektronik Jovinovacka 24,10090 Zagreb CROATIA Tel:+385 1 3464651 Tel/Fax: +385 1 3453211

We do not have any legal distributor in China!